our commitment > inclusive cookery 

From the idea of spreading the culture of eating well, in the interests of health, sustainability and solidarity and motivated by a desire to finance socio-cultural projects in all areas, we have designed and created “inclusive cookery courses” at our Campobasso location - opportunities for gatherings in which we run marketing activities whilst also actively listening to what really goes on in the area.

In an open atmosphere of trust, we have carved out a space for representatives of voluntary associations who come to tell us about their projects, taking advantage of the ideal context to create widespread awareness about the situations of hardship that they aim to ease. For our part, we at La Molisana commit to donating all of the profits of this initiative to them so that this contribution can give them a boost and help to make their noble intentions into something more concrete.

In two years, roughly 50 courses have been organized. The proceeds, of about 20 thousand euros, has been donated to voluntary associations.

In particular, La Molisana together with SMART FOOD - a pool of researchers and nutritionists who make up the operational arm of the IEO in nutrition - has ushered in a season of seminars with guided tastings in Milan in order to spread healthy dietary principles and raise money to go towards furthering this research. 50% of the proceeds from this initiative is going to the IEO Foundation.

To give visibility to the small businesses operating in the farming and food sectors, at every event we host local producers who offer excellent local products: wine, honey, beer and dairy products of the highest quality. By doing so, we give them the opportunity to take advantage of a special stage that can help to increase sales and contacts.


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