our commitment > little hands in dough 

Our company has no walls - it’s transparent all the way around, with no filters at all: this is what we at La Molisana like to think. Being so exposed doesn’t scare us: quite the contrary, it’s stimulating for us, and we believe that companies should offer not just products, but also services, and whilst we are aware that making good pasta is our job, making the consumer into a critical and demanding counterpart is our mission.

La Molisana apre le porte delle sue fabbriche nella convinzione che vedere da vicino la produzione della pasta, sia educativo e interessante. Apprendere in che modo viene lavorata, da dove provengono le materie prime, quale apporto di proteine ci garantisce, in cosa La Molisana differisce dagli altri brand di pasta, contribuisce a creare un bagaglio di informazioni che rendono il consumatore totalmente consapevole della sua scelta di acquisto.

The visits we offer follow a path that illustrates the entire supply and production chain of our pasta: from how the wheat is ground at the mill to how the pasta itself is made in our factory. In this educational experience, we have reserved an important place for the history of the company and its link with the region.

La Molisana has always welcomed schoolchildren by organizing guided tours. Almost all of our employees have, at some point or other, visited our factory as students, and the memory of a complex and fascinating production process still lives in them. This tradition still continues and the prospect of a visit grows increasingly captivating, as we have a dedicated team who work hard to make it an involving and educational brand experience.

Our contribution may just be a small one, but we feel that it expresses our desire to be close to our consumers, because we believe that a demanding consumer is an informed citizen and therefore a resource for the community.