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Does Molise exist? Actually, it does!

And it’s a natural paradise with a long tradition of growing grains, rich in spring water and pristine air that creates the ideal conditions for pasta production. In this area, where as far back as the beginning of the last century, the first small-scale milling and pasta-making workshops started popping up, lies our pasta factory, which proudly bears the distinction of being of the highest in the Centre-South of Italy, at 730m meters high at the foot of Mount Matese.

The region itself is small and far from major roads, offering the ideal conditions for storing and processing the best wheat around. Our fresh, clean mountain air is ideal for storing the raw material and the finished product in the healthiest of conditions; the crystal-clear spring water is perfect for mixing into our semolina, especially when blended with the passion and skills that have been passed down from father to son through four generations.

This is home to the Ferro family, a family with a unique talent that revels in age-old experience and a deep, intimate knowledge of wheat.

The ability to oversee the entire lifecycle of the product, from the careful selection of only the finest wheat varieties in the world to their milling in the family Mill, right up to the production of a pasta that always aims high in terms of quality. Passion, commitment to the company and a sense of belonging represent a heritage of inestimable value that, when combined with solid and ambitious leadership, make up the added value of our pasta.

Molise is small but it has both sea and mountain. And it’s this very mountain, the Matese, that is the source of the cool, crystal-clear water that we mix with our semolina.
Drawn from the heart of the earth in the Riofreddo area, at 506 metres above sea level, the waters of the Matese have trace minerals, a low fixed residue, are low in sodium and nitrates and are always light, suitable for children and recognised as some of the best in Italy.

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