A day dedicated to cardiovascular screening involving 50 employees

"Cura et Labora" a project that promotes prevention in collaboration with Giovanni Paolo II Foundation

Cardiovascular diseases each year are responsible for as many as 17.5 million premature deaths and are expected to increase to 20 million by 2030. In Italy as many as 127,000 women and 98,000 men die each year from cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, including heart attack, heart failure and stroke, and many of these deaths occur before the age of 60. The figure makes one think, they represent 30% of all deaths and affect more than tumors. They also cost 23.5% of Italian pharmaceutical expenditure, 1.34 of gross domestic product. The lack of knowledge of the risk factors and the high socio-economic impact of this phenomenon has led the World Health Organization to set a goal: to reduce the cardiovascular risk by 25% by 2025.
Fortunately, another fact emerges: mortality rates for these diseases have fallen by over 35% in 11 years. Prevention becomes a fundamental weapon so that the various pathologies that affect the heart and the circulatory system continue to decrease. This is mainly due to the greater acceptance of screening campaigns, which allow the identification of the disease at an early stage, and the greater efficacy of the therapies.
The work environment can also be a place to promote cardiovascular prevention pathways. This is one of the objectives of the project “Cura et Labora”, promoted by La Molisana in collaboration with Giovanni Paolo II Foundation . This morning a new stage of the programm: 50 employees had the opportunity to carry out a first level cardiovascular screening directly at the company. For a day, the specialists of the Giovanni Paolo II Foundation. A free check-up for workers who have freely joined the initiative. Any diagnostic investigations will be performed directly at the Foundation.
“We continue to promote health in the workplace to facilitate our employees access to routine screening – says Rossella Ferro, marketing director of La Molisana – We believe that the health of workers is central to the human resources management policy for this we make them aware of the culture of prevention also through meetings on nutrition and promotion of physical activity. I thank the John Paul II Foundation, which has always been committed on the territory to offer its scientific expertise, who wanted to sign the Cuta et Labora project with us ”.
Giovanni Paolo II Research and Treatment Foundation is a hospital of excellence for oncology, cardiovascular diseases and specialized medicine, at the service of Molise: “We are a health institution at the service of this community”, says Mario Zappia, General Manager “now the relationship with” La Molisana “has been consolidated for some time. We are happy to be able to offer our small contribution to favor the well-being of the workers of one of the most representative companies of our territory ”.

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