La Molisana inaugurates the GPL 180, a new long pasta drying line

Important investments for the company that in 2019 estimates to close with a turnover of 150 million. Giuseppe Ferro: "The best spaghetti ever, the best technology in the world".

“A new machine with cutting-edge technology that dries pasta in half the time compared to the traditional process, returning a product of better quality, more resistant in cooking, more tenacious and elastic”. So the engineer Enrico Fava, today in Campobasso, to inaugurate the GPL 180, the first installation in the world, right in La Molisana. “Knowing that the pasta maker from Campobasso has chosen this new line is a source of great pride for me – said Fava – from the first presentation to the comparative laboratory tests up to the feasibility study, everything was lived in a growing climate enthusiasm. In the dry pasta sector the important elements are the keeping in cooking with the same raw material, the drying stability, the absence of bacterial load and the appearance. All this affects the product while mechanical reliability is essential to ensure continuity of production essential to guarantee the quality of the final product “.
TECHNOLOGICAL INVESTMENTS – La Molisana invests more and more in advanced technology, in competent people dedicated to their work and in raw materials. “People and things – says the CEO, Giuseppe Ferro – The wisdom of the tradition of pasta makers can only be consolidated with cutting-edge machinery. It is like in the field of cars, the new generation, more technological are certainly better than the previous ones ”. Today La Molisana uses only 100% Italian wheat, made in Italy overcomes the crises and grows in the world. “35% of turnover comes from the sale of our products abroad – continues Giuseppe Ferro – We export to 80 countries including Canada, Japan, Brazil, the United States, New Zealand as well as Europe”.

LA MOLISANA FOURTH PASTA FACTORY IN ITALY – The 30% increase in sales has led the company to fourth place in the dry pasta segment, remaining co-leader in the whole wheat segment and market leader in the category of durum wheat regrind (IRI Gdo Data AP March 2019). “We are extremely satisfied with the latest data – states the CEO – and in 2019 we expect to reach a turnover of 150 million euros”.

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