La Molisana @ Tuttofood: a very suggestive presence

Pizza makers,and starred chefs will liven up the days of the fair and delight palates.

TuttoFood, the international agri-food trade fair that hosts companies from all over the world, will open on Monday 6 May. Important showcase every two years to intorduce ideas and news in the sector and to meet buyers. An oasis of well-being, taken care of in particular, will host the stand of La Molisana: the naturalness of wood and the thousands of aromatic plants will characterize the environment giving an experience of absolute relaxation.
From September 2018 on national shelves with pasta made by 100% Italian wheat, the result of a virtuous path of sustainable agriculture that enhances local crops with very high quality and technological parameters, the Campobasso-based company continues its growth path, establishing itself as the fourth pasta factory in Italy in the segment of dried semolina pasta (+ 30% in the first quarter of 2019) and co-leader in the Integral segment (+ 23.40%). (Source: IRI data AP March 2019)
Investments in advanced technology, high specialization of resources and raw materials: these are the axes of the pasta factory that has recently inaugurated the new long pasta drying line, the Gpl 180 signed by Fava, which in half the time of the traditional process returns a best quality product, more resistant in cooking, more tenacious and elastic.
Great expectations for the “Starred Picnics”, in collaboration with APCI (Professional Association of Italian Chefs). Chefs and pizza makers will take turns cooking to give guests dishes of absolute refinement.

Monday 6 May will be Andrea Aprea, two Michelin stars, to delight the palates with Fusilloni Integrali with cheese, pepper and raspberries and Mezze Maniche striped with Senise peppers, watercress and burrata. Three simple fundamentals in his cuisine : technique, innovation and respect for the Italian gastronomic tradition. Pistachio pizza from Bronte, yellow tomato, chopped walnuts and mozzarella will be the specialty of Stefano Porro, of Roman origins and international experience. His is a real gourmet pizza.

Chef Antonio Guida, two Michelin stars, famous for his modern and light cuisine at the same time, characterized by the perfect interaction between land and sea, national cues and exotic influences will prepare Bucatino Quadrato with rosolaccio, barley and friselle cream and Square Thimbles with shellfish, coconut and tarragon. On May 7, at his side, the master pizza maker Teodoro Chiancone, known for his “healthy” pizza: he uses only selected ingredients, paying great attention to the choice of raw materials. “Signora Carbonara” and “Padellino stuffed” his special pizzas.
Wednesday May 8th will be the turn of chef Maria Cicorella, a Michelin star. Mezzo Rigatone with raw meat sauce with beef, caciocavallo podolico sauce and peppers and then Tripoline with turnips and anchovies. His pizza is an art, associating the ancient tradition with a mix of strong and refined flavors. Salvatore Mugnano will prepare pizza with buffalo and datterini based on semolina focaccia and the version with buffalo ricotta and Cetara anchovies.
On Thursday 9 May, the corporate chef La Molisana, Claudio Mariotti, will cook Mezze Maniche with pork cheek and pecorino.

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