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The story of one of the biggest pasta factories in Italy

This is not just a mere pasta, this is the story of a Family that, for 4 generations and over a hundred years, has been carefully selecting and grinding only the finest varieties of wheat, the story of a land that, thanks to its unquestionably excellent, exclusive characteristics, is the perfect place for bringing a unique, exquisite pasta to life.

It is the unstoppable driving force of a company that, in 6 years under the management of the Ferro family, has sextupled its turnover, surpassing every possible growth projection and exploding onto the international market with over 30,000 tonnes of pasta La Molisana already sold. We have also seen a strong uptick in sales of wholewheat pasta.

This success is the result of a great attention to the quality of the product.

Nowadays, technology is able to simulate quality and reproduce winning models borrowed from others, but there’s one thing it can’t do: create the passion, commitment to the company and sense of belonging that define La Molisana.

The investments made over 6 years, which have now surpassed 42 million Euros, have been applied throughout the factory: from the two new production lines with top-of-the-line machinery, to packaging, to the brand new automated warehouse.

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