recipes > Fried Calamarata 314 with pepper cream, ginger and aged balsamic vinegar


DOSES: 4 people COOKING TIME: 10-20 min DIFFICULTY: medium
Calamarata n.314 200g
Peanut oil 1lt
Aged balsamic vinegar 18 months old
Yellow peppers, fresh and meaty 150g
Small piece of ginger 50g
Shallot 30g
White Wine 30cl
Medium potato n.1
Ghiaccio q.b.
Butter to taste
Extra virgin olive oil to taste
White pepper to taste
Salt to taste


  • In boiling salted water cook the Calamarata 314, drain al dente. Set the pasta a tray and let it cool, sprinkling the pasta with extra virgin olive oil.
  • Clean peppers, cut them into thin stripe and wash it well. Boil the peppers in salted water for about two minutes and cool in ice water.
  • In a separate saucepan brown the shallots previously cut into julienne strips, with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, sprinkle with white wine and allow it to evaporate. Add the diced potato, 2dl of hot water and cook until it’s ready. Subsequently separate the liquid from the solid part of the mixture . Put in the blender the solid part and slowly add the liquid.
  • Drain the peppers and add grated ginger a knob of butter and extra virgin olive oil . Adjust with salt and white pepper.
  • Fry in hot peanut oil (about 200 °C) the pasta and make sure it is crispy outside and soft inside.
  • Serve with the sauce of ginger and pepper and a few drops of vinegar aged of 18 months.
  • Recipe by Chef Nicola Vizzari

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