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The history of square spaghetti!

Our most popular variety was born out of the intuition of our CEO in 2011 and was inspired by spaghetti alla chitarra, typically traditional in Abruzzo and Molise, made with a special tool that resembles a guitar - hence the name.

Let’s go wild!

We decided to create a tailor-made type of spaghetti just for us and gave it a perfectly square shape, an innovative twist on the original rectangular shape and on traditional cylindrical spaghetti.

...and it’s immediately a cult hit!

In-store promotions, distributing samples during events, themed tastings, an official launch: for six months, the new shape was under the spotlight. The idea of the bouffe was born, a pasta hat made entirely out of square spaghetti, and it toured the world, bringing a lively, fun lightheartedness with it wherever it went!