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Slide SAUCEBUSTER While the squared area offers a more 30% of surface, the bronze die process guarantees a rough texture that hold sauces. This is a perfect combination to enhance flavor and taste. For these features they are versatile and perfect for rich seasonings as well as for a vegetable. EXTRA FIRMNESS Thanks to the finest semolina with 14,5% of protein (13% is the market avarage) and the high quality and quantity of gluten our shapes do not release starch in cooking water. They keep the original shapes and a remarkable firmness even when overstressed. THE FOUR CARDINAL POINTS MILLERS FOR FOUR GENERATIONS PURE MOUNTAIN AIR CRYSTAL-CLEAR SPRING WATER ONLY THE FINEST SELECTED WHEAT INNOVATIVE They break the routine of traditional for a more trasngressive menù. MORE FLESHY More consistency that increases the pleasure of chewing.

Square shaped Pasta

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