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Well aware of how just hard work, strong motivation and a spirit of sacrifice help to achieve a good end result, La Molisana has decided to recognise the value of merit and meritocracy. Indeed, we are on the side of young people - those who have great qualities but a lack of resources, those who are ready to fight and put in the effort needed to blossom and make their ambitions reality.

So, since 2011, we have been creating partnerships that help to financially support talented, capable youngsters who have a dream, and in a concrete way.


La Molisana sponsored a very promising young Molisan swimmer by giving him a voucher and allowing him to bear the expenses to compete in national and international competitions.


La Molisana signed an agreement with the Mental Health Centre in Campobasso, commissioning the production of "Talent Scouts" - bracelets made from cotton webbing and pasta - by kids affected by mental health disorders. This initiative allowed an exemplary and hardworking little cooperative to work.


La Molisana signed a partnership with UNIMOL - the University of Molise - promising 40% of the proceeds from the sales of "Talent Scouts" to deserving students with financial difficulties. Over the course of one year, three training vouchers were awarded.


La Molisana instituted the FOOD FOR ART prize to recognise the merit of up-and-coming talents who stand out in the arts world in terms of research and innovation. The award was presented in the context of two important events.
SET UP: In the context of the international contemporary art fair of Bologna, La Molisana presented OPIEMME with the first FOOD FOR ART prize and commissioned the first piece of the collection of the same name from the young street artist.
MAB: La Molisana awarded the second FOOD FOR ART prize to three promising dancers on the occasion of the MAB, the Maria Antonietta Berlusconi International Ballet Prize for Young People. The young dancers would then go on to create a showreel in the factory that would become part of the collection.


The “Adopt a talent” contest was dedicated to children between 10 and 18 years old, who were born in Molise and who distinguished themselves in the sports world by reaching important milestones. La Molisana awarded a prize to Federico Iannacone, the second Italian Under-18 tennis champion, to support hm in his future endeavours.

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