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La Molisana has decided to convey its sense of excellence by way of an unusual and inspiring combination that juxtaposes food and fashion, two international 'Made in Italy' icons that together form...the tailorship of pasta. A collection of clothes made from pasta and fabric by talented young designers who were able to accept our challenge of creating a communication campaign by thinking outside the box. What links us with the world of couture is the same rigour in the selection of raw materials, the strength of tradition and experience that, when passed down through the generations, become even more valuable - not to mention an obsession with attention to detail and an almost artisanal level of skill.

Anna Sammarone

What La Molisana shares with Anna is attention to detail, the painstaking search for timeless craftsmanship, where the raw material is the very source of inspiration itself. The combination of food and fashion arrives just like that, a flash of inspiration, commissioning her first two dresses. in two stunning creations, Anna Sammarone neatly summarises the company’s dream of the integrated supply chain, and her creations are a rollicking success; they tour the world at events and fairs, breaking the routine of situations where a dream dress is unexpected.

Antonio Saturnino

What inspires him is the company’s history, the cult of wheat, the attachment to the land. The result is a dress that celebrates the land and its fruits as a modern-day divinity made from precious, iridescent fabrics, transparency ever in search of light. Saturnino made a modern, Rococo-inspired dress, generously voluminous and restrained in its decoration, where the inspiration came from the traditional dresses of Molisan folklore. Glossy silk jacquard adorned with ears of wheat for bolero. An explicit homage to tradition lies in the overall with a red maxi dress made up of generous layers of organza and the search for the fabrics of yesteryear, such as the brocade that so recalls grandma’s Sunday dress. The only luxury: gold, yes, but the gold of the earth that feeds us and never disappoints, the gold of fields of wheat that always guarantee us at least our daily bread, come rain or shine.

Connie Groenwegen

Her signature combines modern techniques and traditional craftsmanship, mixing the direct approach typical of dutch culture with the appeal and sophistication of the international scene. In an open source philosophy, she has made her innovations accessible to other designers. Connie falls in love with the project and we decide to commission the third dress. The result is a net made up of different types of penne interwoven with coloured silk, chiffon and fabric webbing, creating a network and celebrating pasta as a new fabric. A holistic design process in which fabric and design become one, establishing together their own rules and logic. The dress dedicated to innovation will be shot by dirk vogel, an internationally-renowned photographer, who will be making the tailorship of pasta official as a corporate campaign.