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Spaghetto Quadrato Chitarra n.1

1 spaghetto quadrato USA 1 | La Molisana

This is a true flagship. Still included in our assortment with the name of Spaghetto alla Chitarra 15, in 2013 after a restyling it was re-launched on the market and became a top seller. Fleshy and thicker than ever it presents an irregular texture, a warm and inviting color and represents a great satisfaction for the palate. Beloved both from consumers and chefs because it basically never overcooks! We can speak of a must have…but be careful otherwise you’ll become addicted!

1 spaghetto quadrato 2 | La Molisana
Tavola disegno 1

Cooks in

13 minutes


The Classic

Pack Size

1.1 lb (500g)


Bronze Die

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