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Coming soon: Pasta with Italian Wheat and Lupins

High Protein Pasta

Rich in Fiber

Pasta with lupine flour is coming, a unique product on the market, rich in fiber and proteins, which keeps its promises of taste and toughness.

High Protein Pasta

Rich in fiber

What's that?

It’s a pasta with high protein content made with Italian durum wheat and lupine flour

A perfect synthesis between the properties of lupins and the characteristics of 100% Italian durum wheat semolina.

The benefits of lupins and the flavor of pasta

Organoleptic Profile

• Flavourful

• Firm when chewed

• Versatile in recipes

Nutritional Profile

• Rich in fibre

• Rich in protein

• Rich in potassium and phosphorous

• Source of Vitamin B1, Iron and Zinc

ideal for those looking for protein products with a reduced environmental footprint.

plant Protein

From the universe of sports enthusiasts to the vegan world, a new target of increasingly numerous consumers is looking for plant-based products to eat, even on a daily basis.

Ideal for those looking for a pasta naturally rich in proteins.

21g of protein per 100g of pasta

The high protein and fiber content make pasta with lupins satiating and nutritious. This asset is important for those who want to get more protein in their daily diet.

Pasta with lupins


per 100g of pasta

Traditional Pasta


per 100g of pasta
(market average)

Ideal for whoever is looking for a balanced, quick and versatile diet inspired by the principles of the mediterranean diet.

The easiness of a one-course meal

Unlike the other special pastas, made with 100% legume flour, pasta with lupins and durum wheat guarantees a perfectly balanced, nutritious, satiating, flavourful nutritional profile ideal for creating main-course meals with the right intake of micro and macro nutrients. Just a few properly combined ingredients and we’re ready to go!

Ideal for traditional pasta diehards who love to experiment.

Flavour of pasta

Unlike other legumes, lupin has a very subtle flavour that does not interfere with the gratifying and classic flavour of durum wheat semolina. This characteristic is significant because by allowing the product to retain all the promises of flavour and firmness, it encourages its frequent consumption and makes it versatile like traditional pasta.

Focus on lupins

Lupins. The legume rich in protein and fibre

#1 in plant protein

Source: USDA Database, Release 28, 2015

Lupin flour has unique characteristics. It is the flour with the highest protein and food fibre content; it is highly nutritious, easy to digest and rich in essential amino acids.


it assists the sense of satiety


it contributes toward making the glycaemic index constant 


it contributes to keeping hypertension down

The lupin flower


The lupin is one of the top three natural sources of arginine (plant protein)


The lupin contains three types of fibre: soluble, insoluble and oligosaccharides (prebiotic)

Essentials Amino Acid

The lupin’s profile is in line with the quantity recommended by the WHO


The lupin has none