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Orecchiette n.30

30 orecchiette USA 1 | La Molisana

The Puglia’s typical home cooking pasta has been revived in the new Orecchiette Rigate La Molisana, that now presents a full-bodied look as just been hand crafted on grandmother’s working table. It has a shape that resembles a disk, with an edge just thicker than the inner part and a wrinkled texture perfect to capture the sauce. Let’s try it according to a very Italian suggestion and prepare a super tasty lunch with orecchiette and turnip greens. Have you ever seen rifled orecchiette? We made them and the result is amazing! Let’s enjoy!

30 orecchiette pugliesi | La Molisana
Tavola disegno 1

Cooks in

11 minutes


The Classic

Pack Size

1.1 lb (500g)


Bronze Drawn

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