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Orecchiette n.30

pack orecchiette | La Molisana

The Puglia’s typical home cooking pasta has been revived in the new Orecchiette Rigate La Molisana, that now presents a full-bodied look as just been hand crafted on grandmother’s working table. It has a shape that resembles a disk, with an edge just thicker than the inner part and a wrinkled texture perfect to capture the sauce. Let’s try it according to a very Italian suggestion and prepare a super tasty lunch with orecchiette and turnip greens. Have you ever seen rifled orecchiette? We made them and the result is amazing! Let’s enjoy!

orecchiette | La Molisana
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Express Cooking

13 minutes

linea | La Molisana



Pack Size

10 lbs (4540g)



double cooking time

timer doppia cottura | La Molisana


8 minutes

completamento doppia cottura | La Molisana


1 minute

Tavola disegno 4

How to pre-cook and reheat Orecchiette as an Italian chef



pre cooking | La Molisana

Bring water to boiling point (optimal ratio: 1 liter of water each 100 grams of pasta) and add salt to taste (optimal ratio: 10 grams of salt each liter of water).

After salt has dissolved and water is boiling again, pour pasta into the water and stir frequently.



draining | La Molisana

Drain pasta according to the precooking time on the pack.


Blast chilling

blast chilling | La Molisana

Place pre-cooked pasta into a blast chilled at 4°C.

Refrigerate and use within 48 hours.



heating | La Molisana

Boil pasta again in salted water for about 40/60 seconds.

Drain and sauté with the sauce.