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Veggie Bolognese Tomato Sauce

Tomato Sauces

This delicious vegetable bolognese mirrors a classic Bolognese but without any cream, butter or meat. Instead we use generous amounts of vegetables to make a healthy and delicious sauce that captures that authentic Bolognese texture. This sauce is rich and highly concentrated and packed full of flavour and perfectly matches with tagliatelle, penne or spaghetti.


100% Italian

Product family

Tomato Sauces

Pack size

19.40 OZ (550g)


Only tomatoes grown in Puglia, the result of careful selection, to guarantee you a safe product with an unmistakable taste.

production chain

We control the entire supply chain, from the seedling to the ripe fruit, to bring a tomato of traceable quality to your table.


Only a few hours between harvesting and processing allow the typical freshness of freshly picked tomatoes to be preserved.

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