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Orecchiette n.30

Food Service

Orecchiette - Food Service La Molisana Pasta

The Puglia’s typical home cooking pasta has been revived in the new Orecchiette Rigate La Molisana, that now presents a full-bodied look as just been hand crafted on grandmother’s working table. It has a shape that resembles a disk, with an edge just thicker than the inner part and a wrinkled texture perfect to capture the sauce. Let’s try it according to a very Italian suggestion and prepare a super tasty lunch with orecchiette and turnip greens. Have you ever seen rifled orecchiette? We made them and the result is amazing! Let’s enjoy!

Orecchiette - Pasta La Molisana
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Express cooking

13 minutes

Product family

Food Service

Pack size

10 lb (4540g)


Bronze die




8 minutes

Finish cooking

1 minute

How to pre-cook and reheat Orecchiette as an Italian chef

double cooking instructions



Bring water to boiling point (optimal ratio: 1 liter of water each 100 grams of pasta) and add salt to taste (optimal ratio: 10 grams of salt each liter of water).



After salt has dissolved and water is boiling again, pour pasta into the water and stir frequently.

Drain pasta according to the precooking time on the pack.


Blast chilling

Place pre-cooked pasta into a blast chilled at 4°C.

Refrigerate and use within 48 hours.



Boil pasta again in salted water for about 40/60 seconds.

Drain and sauté with the sauce.