recipes > Tagliatelle 203 with squid


DOSES: 4 peopleCOOKING TIME: 15-20 minDIFFICULTY: easy
Tagliatelle n.203 320g
Cleaned squid 400g
Garlic cloves n.2
Verdicchio white wine 200ml
Parsley to taste
Extra virgin olive oil to taste
Salt to taste
Sweet pepper to taste


  • In a pan brown the garlic and chopped pepper. Add the squid already cut into strips. Wet with the white wine and allow to evaporate. Add salt.
  • In boiling salted water cook the Tagliatelle 203, drain al dente and put them once again on a high flame in a pan with the squid sauce, adding the chopped parsley.
  • Recipe by Chef Nicola Vizzarri